UMass Boston

Campus Center

Key & Access Card Requests

Requesting Keys and Card Access:

​Workstation​ | Requests for workstation keys can be made on the Campus Center’s Key Request Form. Please submit the completed form, signed by the department head, to the Campus Center and Event Services department. Workstation keys are generally available for immediate pickup from the Campus Center office [Upper Level, Room 330]. Keys must be picked up and returned in-person or by the department head. 

Physical Space | For keys to offices or other physical spaces in the Campus Center, please submit a Key Request Form to the Campus Center & Event Services department. The Campus Center will forward your request to the Facilities Department. Facilities will notify the requestor via email when the keys are ready. In order to obtain the keys, the key requestor needs to: 

  • Have a valid ID;
  • Have a copy of the email or letter;
  • Sign the UMass Boston key policy;
  • Note: The recipient's name filled on the form should appear as on the recipient’s ID.

​BeaconCard | Campus Center occupants needing access to doors with card readers [main doors and office wings] may have permissions added to their BeaconCard. For access, please complete a Campus Center Access Request Form​. Completed forms should be sent to the Campus Center & Event Services office for review and approval. Permissions are generally granted within 24-48 hours. 

Returning Keys:

​​Workstation | Please return your workstation key to the Campus Center & Event Services office [Upper Level, Room 330]. Workstation keys are assigned to an individual and not a department. Therefore, keys are not transferable. 

Physical Space | To provide for the greatest level of security for yourself and other faculty, students and staff, keys are to be returned to the Facilities Department when they are no longer needed by you (for example when your work or student relationship with UMass Boston ends, when you transfer to another department, when your lab assignment changes). Keys are to be returned to the Facilities Department Service Center [Service and Supply Building, Upper Level, Room 001] in person. A member of the Facilities Department staff will retrieve the key cards for the keys being returned so that you can sign the key card to indicate that you have returned the key(s). The return of keys is required prior to exiting employment with the university and is included in the UMass Boston Employee Exit Policy.

​BeaconCard​ | Please return your card to the BeaconCard office [McCormack, 2nd Floor, Room 615] 

Reporting Lost Keys and Access Cards:

Workstation | Please inform the Campus Center via writing [] if you have lost your workstation key. 

Physical Space | It is very important that you report any lost keys immediately to the Facilities Department. You can download the Lost Key Form, fill it out, have it approved by your department head and bring it to the Facilities Department office [Service and Supply Building, Upper Level, Room 001]. Facilities Department staff will update the key records and you can then file a new Key Request Form to order a new key. Keys should be picked up at the Service Center located in the Service and Supply Building, Upper Level, Room 001. Pick-up times are from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

​BeaconCard | If you have lost your BeaconCard, please inform the BeaconCard Office immediately. If you cannot go immediately, please notify Public Safety at 617.287.7799.