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The Mass Media

Over 17,000 students attend the University of Massachusetts Boston, and every day during the semester, there are multiple events that draw students out of their classrooms and into public discourse at our university. Our job as the student newspaper is to shape, critique, and encourage this discourse. We interview the scientists, authors, and artists that come on campus regularly.

We search for interesting discussions, studies, and people on campus, and highlight them for our community. At our best, we are the first place that students, staff, and faculty turn to when they want to find out what's going on at UMass Boston, what to do between classes, how to connect with clubs and centers, and what local businesses are worth checking out over the weekends. The Mass Media publishes a weekly print edition and posts stories online on a rolling basis.

The Watermark

The Watermark is an arts journal made by and for the many talented students of UMass Boston. Since 1979 we have celebrated the work of students, staff, and alumni by sharing pieces with the campus and with the world. The Watermark welcomes students from all disciplines to volunteer their time and effort in the running of the journal, but our primary focus is nurturing emerging writers and artists, as well as aspiring publishers, as they make their way through this weird and scary thing called life.

Our doors are open to all members of the university's community with something they'd like to share. Submissions of poems, prose, opinions, essays, critiques, acts of plays, photographs, paintings, sketches, doodles, and screenshots.

Writ Large

Writ Large is a non-fiction magazine that publishes academically researched op-eds at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. This means that we want your opinion, but we want it to be backed up with facts. Every article is accompanied by artwork that matches what the article is talking about. Each edition has its own theme.

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