UMass Boston

Staff Onboarding

The Division of Student Affairs at UMass Boston has an onboarding process for all new full-time and part-time employees (not student workers). As part of the onboarding process, matches help to figure out who may have a better connection to start with than without the information and match. Matches also help new employees to meet more people around campus, than they normally would on their own. Actual experiences have shown that this helps the new staff member to become more accustomed to the division and campus quicker. The mentor/mentee process is optional to all new employees.

Retention, Onboarding, and Recognition (R.O.A.R.) Committee 

  • Janet Wolk (Co-chair)
  • Phillip Begeal (Co-chair)
  • Caitlin Cichocki (Member) 
  • Erin Cikacz (Member)
  • Shawn DeVeau (Member)
  • Jennifer Maitino (Member)
  • Vivian Wang (Member)
  • Michael Metzger (Assessment Consultant)

DSA Onboarding Mentors 

  • Chloe Belt 
  • Lizzy Cantor
  • Ashlee Carter
  • Chuck Henriques 
  • Diane Kirkpatrick 
  • Jennifer Maitino
  • Mike Metzger
  • John Sears
  • Bethany Tuller 
  • Vivian Wang 
  • Janet Wolk

Onboarding Checklist

**Please note that there may be delays in some of the requests below if an employee ID has not been generated yet. We recommend that you encourage the new employee to schedule an appointment with HR to complete their I-9 as soon as they are able. Until the new employee's full pre-employment packet is completed, the new employee's ePAF will not be executed by HR.**

Notify SATS (Applies to Everyone):

Please notify Student Affairs Technology Services via of the name, area, and planned start date for an employee.

Administration & Finance Access Requests:

  • UMass Bank Card Request
  • BuyWays, HR, or Summit Access
    • Please email, if your new employee requires any of this access.  

Information Technology Request:

If applicable to you, the following access request form should be completed by the department head and emailed directly to the Division of Student Affairs, Director of Student Affairs Technology Services

Other Requests: