Advancing High Quality Teaching and Learning in Science, Math, and Engineering

Welcome to the Center of Science and Mathematics in Context (COSMIC). Established in fall 2004, COSMIC is a joint venture of the College of Education and Human Development and the College of Science and Mathematics at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

COSMIC has several related goals. As the university looks toward its responsibility of preparing students for a wide spectrum of careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, COSMIC sees, as one of its roles, ensuring that students receive the best educational experience possible. On another front, COSMIC provides support for science teachers beginning with their teacher training at UMass and continuing with professional development through their teaching career path as novice teachers, experienced teachers, and as teacher leaders.  For the pre-college students, COSMIC develops innovative science curriculum materials and conducts research studies on their effectiveness. COSMIC also pursues projects that encourage pre-college students to consider science related careers and to participate in courses and activities that can lead in this direction.

Please take a look around at our current projects.  Let us hear from you.  What are your interests and your needs?  How can we work together to move science education forward?

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(Thank you to the Center for STEM Research, Education, and Outreach at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville for compiling this group)

Arthur Eisenkraft, Professor of Physics and Director, COSMIC,

Lectured in Bangalore, India about the importance of integrating art and literature when teaching science.
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COSMIC awarded 3M Grant from National Science Foundation

This new grant will survey teachers across the country, including every AP biology teacher in the United States.
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UMass Boston teams up with WIPRO LLC for STEM Education Fellowship

Over the next three years, administrators of the new program will choose 120 teachers in kindergarten through Grade 12 to become “science education fellows.” The teachers will be asked to work closely with colleagues and integrate their lessons.
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COSMIC (Center of Science and Mathematics in Context)

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