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The Center for Survey Research (CSR) is a complete survey research facility with the staff and resources to carry out all phases of the survey research process. CSR has the capability to do large- and small-scale surveys by any mode -- in-person, telephone, mail, or web. CSR typically undertakes 30 to 50 small or large projects annually. Each project at CSR, whether initiated by a staff research or contracted by an outside researcher or organization, is overseen by a senior staff member who is responsible for both the substance of the project as well as budget concerns.

Services provided by CSR are study design and sampling, survey instrument development and evaluation (including focus groups, cognitive interviews, and pretests), data collection (including telephone, in-person, mail and web interviews, as well as specialized survey data collection procedures such as interactive voice recognition (IVR) and audio-CASI), foreign language interviewing, coding and data entry, data analysis and reporting, consultation, and other capabilities (such as methodological research).


Center for Survey Research

100 Morrissey Blvd.
Boston, MA 02125