Polly Logan Fund

Innovative and Timely Research, Visiting Professorships, Scholarships

The Late Polly LoganUMass Boston is a public university and as such receives state assistance. But only with additional help from private donors, corporate sponsors, and foundations can UMass Boston sustain excellence in such cutting-edge programs as the Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy. The Polly Logan Fund will guarantee essential support for the center's efforts to deepen understanding of women's issues and prepare women for leadership. The fund will make possible:

  • Innovative and Timely Research: The center is in the forefront of research on public policy issues affecting women, and legislators and other public officials increasingly take notice and respond. The Polly Logan Fund will enhance the center's capacity for such projects and strengthen its efforts to serve policy-makers, students, and the general public.
  • Polly Logan Visiting Professorships: The Polly Logan Fund will attract distinguished officials, activists, and scholars to give guest lectures and symposia at the Center, enhance teaching, and involve students in scholarly projects.

Polly Logan Fund Board Members

Majorie Arons-Barron
Martin Begien
Martha Bernard-Welsh
Eleanor Bleakie
Roberta Brundrett
Priscilla Dewey-Houghton
Deborah Donahue
Nancy Donahue
Vicki Donlan
Peggy Dray
Donald Evans
Mary Kakas
Ann Marie Keane
Mary Lassen
Polly Logan
Nancy Marttila
Diane Patrick
Jennifer Raymond
Elaine Richardson
Maureen Rooney
Priscilla Ruzzo
Nancy Sinnott-Dwight
Jaye Whittier

Our Services

Our educational activities, events, and research projects are typically conducted in collaboration with many types of organizations. We are available to provide program evaluations, commissioned research studies, policy briefs, and fact sheets. (PDF)

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Our History

Find out more about how it all started here at the Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy.
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Support Our Work

In addition to the Polly Logan Fund, financial donations help to enhance the Center’s capacity to promote women’s leadership and empower women throughout the Commonwealth and beyond.

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Support scholarships and research at the Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy through the Polly Logan Fund.