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Peace Corps Prep Program

UMass Boston is now a Peace Corps Prep partner school. So what is Peace Corps Prep?

Peace Corps Prep is a certificate program for undergraduate students that helps prepare them for Peace Corps service, as well as for other international service and employment opportunities. Undergrads from all majors are eligible to participate. To receive a Peace Corps Prep certificate, students must fulfill requirements that will get them ready for international service careers in a particular area of interest, such as education, health, or youth development.
The Peace Corps Prep program is based at the School for Global Inclusion and Social Development (SGISD). Undergraduates from all areas of study are encouraged to apply.
Graduating with a Peace Corps Prep certificate does not guarantee placement in the Peace Corps. However, applicants with a Peace Corps Prep certificate have about a three times higher acceptance rate than other candidates.

Students completing the certificate gain proficiency in areas such as foreign language study, cultural competency, and community service. In turn, the Peace Corps benefits by attracting a more culturally diverse group of applicants with a highly developed relevant skill set.

SGISD has another Peace Corps partnership, the Coverdell Fellows Program, which offers benefits to returned Peace Corps volunteers accepted into specific SGISD graduate programs.

To apply:

Fill out the application below, and email it to the Peace Corps Prep coordinator, Kaitlyn Siner-Cappas.

When filling out the application, consult the student guide to see a list of approved courses and other information.


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