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Explore, Learn, and Conserve on Nantucket Island

The Nantucket Field Station serves as a living laboratory for scientific exploration and discovery. With its diverse habitats, from sandy beaches to rich marshes and lush forests, Nantucket Island offers a rich tapestry for studying coastal ecology, marine life, and biodiversity. As a student or researcher, you'll have unparalleled access to this vibrant ecosystem, enabling you to conduct hands-on fieldwork and contribute to important environmental research.

Environmental Conservation and Stewardship

At the Nantucket Field Station, we are committed to environmental conservation and stewardship. Join us in preserving and protecting the delicate ecosystems of Nantucket Island through community engagement and collaborative conservation initiatives. Our field station serves as a hub for interdisciplinary collaboration, bringing together scientists, students, and local stakeholders to address pressing environmental challenges and develop sustainable solutions.

Experience Nantucket. Enrich Your Education.

The Nantucket Semester is open to undergraduate students from across the United States, this unique program offers an immersive research experience designed to engage you in the practice of environmental science and studies. Whether you're majoring in biology, sociology, or any other discipline, the Nantucket Semester brings students from diverse backgrounds together in a vibrant learning community. Discover how our courses integrate the rich cultural, human, and natural resources of Nantucket, providing a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to environmental education. Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to expand your knowledge and make lasting connections in the field of environmental studies.

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