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Beacon Lab

About the Lab

The Beacon Lab was developed to serve blue economy startups by fostering innovation and collaboration between the private and public sectors in industry and academia. Whether it’s scientific insight and data collection, design and engineering, or equipment deployment and testing, the Beacon Lab has the staff, facilities, and connections to help propel any BlueTech ideas into the forefront of the industry. 

The mascot for the University of Massachusetts Boston is the beacon. A lighthouse that will lead you toward safety and away from danger. The Beacon Lab strives to be a guide and reference for all things in the quickly evolving BlueTech industry. The School for the Environment, with funding from the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative and partnering with SeaAhead, has developed a lab dedicated to leveraging the expertise from faculty and students at UMass Boston to serve BlueTech, Energy, Aquaculture, Coastal, and Ocean Needs (BEACON Lab).


Beacon Lab