UMass Boston

Honors Events and Activities

The Honors College hosts a variety of events throughout the year. These events are open to everyone and are great opportunities to get to know the people and the campus a little bit more. Below are some of the events from the Fall 2021 semester we have hosted!

Ice Cream Social

The Ice Cream Social hosted by the UMB Honors College in October was a great way to start off the semester! The community came together to eat different types of ice cream and socialize with one another on campus. It also provided students with the opportunity to learn more about Honors College as well as meet some of the staff. Nothing starts the semester off better than a cold bowl of ice cream with your friends and peers!



Fun Outdoor Games

Our Fun Outdoor Games event was a homerun!  There were a variety of activities to enjoy, such as kickball, inflatable bowling, wiffle ball, and corn hole. There were also two contests including a chalk art drawing competition. With free food, music, and activities, there was something for everyone!



Pumpkin Carving and Fall Photoshoot

Held just before Halloween, the Pumpkin Carving and Fall Photoshoot event was spooky good fun! Students picked a pumpkin and created their own Jack-O-Lanterns. Once they were done with their masterpieces, they were able to pose for a picture to remember this Halloween activity. With hot chocolate, apple cider, and mountains of candy, the community had a scary good time!



Trivia Night

Do you think Trivia Night was: A-amazing, B-fun-filled, C-exciting, D-all of the above. If you guessed "D" you are correct! Trivia Night  was a great event filled with questions ranging from history, sports, pop culture, and even UMB. Students worked individually or in groups to claim victory and the prize that came with it. With free food and a competition to win, the UMass Boston community was in for a night of entertainment.




Banned Book Fair

In April, the Honors College hosted a Banned Book Fair, and it was a novel idea! The book fair highlighted a selection of books currently banned from K-12 school systems across America. The Honors student ambassadors were motivated to create this event because so many of the banned books focus on topics such as racial, sexual, and gender identity and they believe it’s important that our students read books that they feel represented by. A total of 102 banned books were raffled off to UMB students at this well-attended event.

The book fair created a buzz both on and off campus, with local CBS affiliate WBZ on hand to highlight the event and interview students.  You can watch a clip here.