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Student Resources

The Honors College offers a singular experience that enables students to explore innovative and unique ways of understanding the world. In addition to special benefits, the experience also comes with high expectations in terms of academic performance and coursework. Please review the below resources for more information about the college and how to be successful within our community. 

Honors College FAQs

Find answers to common Honors Advising student questions. Read more about Honors College FAQs »

Curricular Overview

Visit the curriculum page for a complete overview of our curriculum. If you have questions, please visit the Honors College front desk to set up an appointment with an Honors College advisor. Read more about Curricular Overview »

Student Guide

Check out the most recent Honors College Student Guide for more details on resources, expectations, and opportunities associated with the college. Read more about Student Guide »

Honors College Academic Plan Worksheet

Working on what classes to take and when? Print out this worksheet as it can help you figure out when to take what Honors College classes. Honors College advisers may also use this in advising meetings. Questions? Please visit the Honors College front desk to set up an appointment with an Honors College advisor. Read more about Honors College Academic Plan Worksheet »

Student Success Toolbox

The University Advising Center hosts a rich page that contains a number of resources including academic success strategies and tools, such as a GPA calculator. Read more about Student Success Toolbox »

Thesis/Final Project Requirements Tip Sheet

Getting ready to start your senior thesis/final project? Check out this helpful tip sheet. Read more about Thesis/Final Project Requirements Tip Sheet »

UMB Campus Resources for Mental Health and Wellness

Resources for mental health and wellness are available for all students at UMass Boston. Check out this link to access resources and discover new ways to improve mental and physical wellbeing. Read more about UMB Campus Resources for Mental Health and Wellness »

College of Science and Mathematics Major Four-Year Plans

In an effort to allow students to map out their major requirements and graduation requirements, the Honors College and the CSM Student Success Center has created four year graduations plans for nearly every CSM major. The Four-Year Plans were designed in consultation with CSM departments and reflect the suggested progression of courses to maximize each major's offerings. Please note that these are suggested plans, not required. They provide a framework for understanding degree requirements and do not guarantee graduation. Please consult with an Honors College or CSM advisor for more information. Read more about College of Science and Mathematics Major Four-Year Plans »

Honors Course Plan for Nursing Majors

Attached is a potential curricular path for Nursing majors in the Honors College. Please see your Honors College or nursing advisor to discuss if this plan will work for you. Read more about Honors Course Plan for Nursing Majors »

Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's Programs

Earn a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in as little as five years. Read more about Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's Programs »

LatinX Student Webinar Series

Find more information regarding the LatinX Student Webinar Series here. Read more about LatinX Student Webinar Series »

National and International Fellowships

Find more information on National and International Fellowships here. Read more about National and International Fellowships  »

Peace Corps Prep Program

Find more information on the Peace Corps Peace Program Read more about Peace Corps Prep Program »