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Degree Planning

The Student Success Center curriculum plans for all CSM majors to help you plan your path to graduation.  Whether you’re starting fresh or as a transfer student, you can see where you should start, the order in which the department wants you to take your major classes, and how to finish at a pace that's right for you. 

Degree Planning Tools

Below you will find degree specific four-year plans and sample course syllabi. The four year plans were created by academic departments to help you stay on track and complete graduation requirements. These plans should be used in conjunction with your degree audit to show you the necessary order of courses so that pre-requisites are met for higher level classes and encourage you to take classes that complement each other in the same semester. The plans also reflect general UMass Boston degree requirements, which you can read more about here

These plans are a suggested framework for completing degree requirements to graduate in eight semesters. We recognize that every student is an individual who has full autonomy over the pace of their academic progress.  As such, your Student Success Advisor is pleased to work with you to develop a personalized plan for graduation, whether that be over four years, or longer if you so choose.


Biochemistry Department

Biochemistry Four-Year Plan

Sample Syllabi:
- Sample Biology 111 Syllabus
- Sample Chemistry 115 Syllabus
- Sample Chemistry 117 Syllabus

Relevant Course Catalogs:
- Biology Course Catalog
- Chemistry Course Catalog


Biology Department

Biology Advising Guide 

Biology Four-Year Plan

Sample Syllabi:
- Sample Biology 111 Syllabus
- Sample Chemistry 115 Syllabus
- Sample Chemistry 117 Syllabus

Relevant Course Catalogs:
- Biology Course Catalog
- Chemistry Course Catalog


Computer Engineering

Computer Science

Computer Science Department  Computer Science Internal Website 

Computer Science BA Four-Year Plan

Computer Science BS Four-Year plan

Click here to learn more about the Computer Science program from Professor Nurit Haspel

Sample Syllabi:
- Sample Computer Science 110 Syllabus
- Sample Physics 113 Syllabus
- Sample Physics 181 Syllabus

Important Advising Notes: 

  • The following courses in the Computer Science major have a grade requirement of "C-" or above in order to progress:
    CS 110->CS220
    CS 210->CS310
    CS 220->CS420
  • ALEKS Math Placement considerations
    • Academic integrity matters.  For ALEKS to be effective, you must do the exam on your own without notes, books, or help from others.  ALEKS is not a traditional exam.  Instead, it’s a tool to help you place into an appropriate course for which you have the best chance to succeed.  Learn more about academic integrity and the University's Code of Conduct.
    • The Computer Science website states that an aptitude for logical reasoning and mathematics is needed to complete the major successfully, partly because designing programs to solve problems requires good problem solving skills and partly because some of the requirements are relatively advanced theoretical Computer Science and mathematics courses.
    • In light of the above, it's critical that your math foundational knowledge is strong and that you pursue your math development in a sound educational manner.  Although it is ideal for new students to start their math requirement at the Calculus level (Math 140), if you place into College Algebra (Math 115), or Precalculus (Math 130), it's wise for you to start at that level as it is likely an accurate reflection of your mathematical aptitude and preparation.  Be sure to talk with your academic advisor for additional guidance.  Visit the CSM Math Placement webpage for more considerations on enrolling in an appropriate math course. 

Electrical Engineering

Engineering Physics

Information Technology

Information Technology Department

Information Technology Four-Year Plan
Information Technology Advising Tool
Information Technology Tracks

Sample Syllabus:
- Sample Information Techology 110 Syllabus

Relevant Course Catalogs:
- Information Technology Course Catalog