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General Education Requirements

What is General Education?

The general education curriculum at UMass Boston gives you multiple opportunities to build and improve upon your academic foundation. You will be exposed to the fundamental ideas and intellectual activities that students and faculty across campus and around the world – in the arts, the humanities, business, and the social and natural sciences – utilize in scholarship. The UMass Boston general education program introduces students to subject matter and skills from across the university, and does so in ways that provide students with a strong foundation for success in future courses and in their career.

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In rare instances, students may qualify for a waiver or substitution of a particular requirement due to advanced standing, prior coursework (either internal or external), or course content duplication. To request a waiver/substitution, please send an email message to the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Tim Blackman, with a full explanation for the request, a course syllabus, and assignment instructions supplied by the instructor of the course.

IMPORTANT: If a waiver is approved, the student is still required to complete 120 credits to be eligible to graduate.