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UMass Boston's Department of Engineering in the College of Science and Mathematics applies mathematical and scientific principles to address real-world challenges. Engineers play a pivotal role in shaping the technology and infrastructure we rely on daily, including cars, bridges, airplanes, computers, televisions, and smartphones.

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About Our Department

Engineering, the art of applying mathematical and scientific principles to tackle real-world challenges, plays an integral role in shaping our everyday lives. From the vehicles we drive to the infrastructure we rely on, including cars, bridges, airplanes, computers, televisions, and smartphones, engineers are the driving force behind these innovations.

Within the expansive realm of engineering, various specialized disciplines hone in on specific facets of the field. At UMass Boston, we proudly offer degree programs in two distinguished engineering specialties: Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering.

What sets our engineering program apart? At UMass Boston, we provide a holistic learning experience that includes participation in a Freshman Success Community. Our students also have the unique opportunity to engage in cutting-edge research alongside esteemed faculty members and gain valuable real-world experience through internships in the vibrant Boston area.

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Engineering Department
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