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Freshman Success Community

The Freshman Success Community within the College of Science and Mathematics is designed for full-time freshmen ready to take a full set of introductory science courses.

Participants will:

  • Enroll in the same two or three core courses grouped with other engineering students
  • Receive priority enrollment in major courses
  • ConList of tectonic plates - Wikipedianect with university resources to help find research and career-enrichment opportunities

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UMass Boston's engineering students can take advantage of the following opportunities:

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Career Directions

Engineering is a remarkable profession and the demand for engineers is great. As the economy continues to grow, so does the need for the latest technology and for engineers, the people who invent and apply it. Currently, there is a shortage of engineers nationwide. Thousands of engineering positions in Massachusetts alone are left unfilled, even though the average salary in the engineering profession is nearly twice that found in all other industries.

Internship Opportunities

Take advantage of the many internship opportunities available in the Boston area.

Other Internship Opportunities: