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UMass Boston's Department of Chemistry in the College of Science and Mathematics specializes in the field of Green Chemistry. Our faculty prioritizes society-focused research, evident in our diverse course offerings. Students are actively encouraged to engage in research, gaining valuable scientific experience while working closely with faculty mentors in our labs.

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About Our Department

Consider becoming a Green Chemist, a specialty of our department. 

  • Study environmental and economic sustainability for alternative fuels, synthetic routes to greener drugs, solar cells, and batteries.
  • Explore nanoscale methane combustion and carbon capture mechanisms.
  • Foster equity in chemistry education.
  • Investigate careers in pharmaceutical, biomedical, and petroleum companies. 

Our undergraduate program readies students for modern chemistry challenges. Graduates can enter industry or pursue advanced degrees in chemistry, medicine, dentistry, or other fields. Faculty with teaching and research experience lead lectures and discussions, keeping students updated on the latest developments. Labs are directed by faculty and supported by teaching assistants, allowing individual attention in smaller groups.



Chemistry Department
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