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UMass Boston's Department of Mathematics in the College of Science offers top programs for mathematics majors, quality courses to science majors and those in need of math skills, educates students with diverse interests beyond the strict confines of mathematics, and engages in cutting-edge mathematical research.

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About Our Department

The Department of Mathematics is dedicated to excellence in mathematical education, research, and outreach. Our department offers a wide array of programs for mathematics majors, providing students with a solid foundation in mathematical principles and applications. We also take pride in delivering high-quality courses tailored to the needs of science majors and students seeking mathematical expertise in their academic and research endeavors.

We believe in educating students with diverse interests beyond the traditional boundaries of mathematics, nurturing well-rounded individuals who can apply mathematical concepts to a variety of disciplines. Our dedicated faculty members are actively engaged in the forefront of mathematical research, exploring areas of interest and expertise that have far-reaching implications across various fields.

Actuarial Science

The Department of Mathematics offers an introductory curriculum in Actuarial Science, approved at the UCAP-IP level by the Society of Actuaries. The curriculum consists of the following courses:

  • Math 309, Financial Mathematics (prepares students for Exam FM).
    Math 345, Probability and Statistics (prepares students for Exam P).
    Math 448 and its graduate version  Math 648, Computational Statistics (VEE in Mathematical Statistics).

These courses are open to qualified students from all majors and programs, and also to qualified non-degree students; please click the links above for information on pre-requisite courses. Students currently majoring in Mathematics who wish to study Actuarial Science may do so from within their current program; all of the courses listed above may be counted towards the upper-level elective requirement in any concentration.

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