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Academic Support


Learning Assistance and Supplemental Instruction

Learning Assistance (LA) and Supplemental Instruction (SI) offer semester-long peer-assisted activities in large, introductory level courses. LA and SI activities are led by advanced undergraduates who have successfully completed the course. In consultation with the course instructor, the Learning Assistants and the SI leaders emphasize important concepts from the lecture and facilitate group work for students to gain a deeper understanding of the material. While Learning Assistants (LAs) offer direct support in the classroom, SI Leaders host additional peer-lead SI sessions. Any student enrolled in the class (regardless of section) is welcome to attend the SI sessions that are listed on the SI calendar (you may contact the course instructor to receive a referral for joining the zoom sessions).

Learning Assistance and Supplemental Instruction activities generally starts after add-drop, each semester, up until the last day of classes.  SI sessions and LA Drop-ins do not meet during university holidays and semester breaks. Additional sessions may also be offered during finals.

This program is generously supported through Oracle and other sponsors.

SI/LA Drop-in Schedule: Spring 2024

  • BIOL 112 – General Biology II
  • BIOL 210/212 – Cell Biology
  • BIOL 252/254 – Genetics 
  • BIOL 290 – Population Biology
  • CHEM 105 – Supplemental Chemistry
  • CHEM 115 – Chemical Principles I
  • CHEM 116 – Chemical Principles II
  • CHEM 251 – Organic Chemistry I
  • CHEM 252 – Organic Chemistry II
  • ​CS 110 – Intro to Computing
  • CS 210L – Intermediate Computing
  • CS 220 - Applied Discrete Mathematics
  • CS 285L: Social Issues and Ethics in Computing
  • ENGIN 104 - Introduction to Engineering
  • PHYSIC 108  – College Physics II
  • PHYSIC 113  – Fundamentals of Physics I

Center for Academic Excellence

The Center for Academic Excellence offers academic coaching, tutoring, and mentoring for many courses.   

Subject Tutoring

TutorTrac offers free individual and/or group content-based tutoring for students enrolled in many courses. For information on available tutoring for current course offerings and more, please visit TutorTrac.

To sign up for tutoring, go to the CAE tutoring registration webpage. For more information, please visit the CAE on the 8th floor of the Healey Library or in the Campus Center, first floor, room 1300. Email questions to

CAE Academic Coaching

Academic coaching offers an opportunity for students to develop their strengths as they navigate their college journey. Academic coaches provide students with continuous support in various academic elements, such as study strategies and time management. Academic coaches provide services that are separate from formal advising and tutoring, working alongside these helpful resources to promote student success.

To learn more about CAE Academic Coaching, please visit the Center for Academic Excellence in the Campus Center, first floor, room 1300, or sign up HERE for your first academic coaching session.