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Math Placement

Who needs to take the Math Placement Exam?

All new freshmen must complete the Math Placement exam to determine their starting point in math. Any continuing or transfer student wishing to take Calculus or a course on the Calculus track (ex: College Algebra, Pre-Calculus) must demonstrate readiness for the course. Students must either:

  • Take the Math Placement Exam (ALEKS). You can take it at any time from home; please visit the Math Placement website for information, including how to access it.
    • It is highly encouraged that science students try to begin at the Math 130 level or higher.
    • Students who place below the needed math level for their major will need to spend three hours in the ALEKS learning module before retaking the assessment.
  • Complete the pre-requisite math course (time and grade restrictions apply). For details, visit the Math Department website.

Measurable Outcomes for Introductory Math Courses
- Math 115
- Math 130
- Math 140

If you have any questions about Math Placement, please contact the Student Success Center.