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Cost of textbooks has been steadily increasing alongside tuition and other expenses. Studies show that high textbook prices get in the way of student success.

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Research shows:

  • 65% of college students skip buying a textbook because of cost
  • There has been an 88% increase in textbook costs in the past decade
  • 50% of students choose their courses based on the price of the textbook.

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To help students cut down on schooling costs, University of Massachusetts Boston has joined universities and community colleges across the country that have embarked on programs to replace textbooks with Open Educational Resources (OER). 

Learning Design Services and Healey Library Can Help

OER expert librarians at Healey Library and instructional designers from Learning Design Services can help UMass Boston faculty adopt an open textbook or other OER content, as well as help create new OER content customized for your course.

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See how you and your students can benefit from Open Educational Resources.

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See the list of existing OER sources with materials in a variety of subjects and disciplines.

Create OER

We can help faculty create and share OER materials customized for their course.

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