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List of Open Educational Resources

Below is a collection of Open Educational Resources based on a list provided by Instructors must check the intellectual property license for material to ensure proper use and attribution. All resources are assumed to be free unless otherwise specified.

OER Aggregates

  • Mason OER Metafinder (MOM) – Simultaneously search multiple OER repositories
  • OER Commons – Online content; aging, anthropology, archaeology, cultural geography, languages, linguistics, game-based learning, communication across cultures, economics, US History, Asian studies, and more.
  • MERLOT – Locate your discipline; business, arts, education, humanities, math, statistics, science, technology, social sciences OR locate by type of material; animations, assessment, assignments, case studies, drill and practice, open textbook, quiz/test, tutorials and more.
  • OER Consortium – Low cost and free texts; Nursing, Critical Issues in Health, Addiction, Accounting, Common Sense Management, College Writing, Physical geography.
  • PLOS – Open access journals in science (biology, genetics) and medicine.


  • OpenStax – Free textbooks: math, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, Astronomy, US History, American Government, Sociology, Psychology.
  • Open Textbook Network – Open textbook library; Accounting & Finance, Business, Management & Marketing, Computer Science & Information Systems, Economics, Education, Engineering, Humanities & Languages, Journalism, Media Studies & Communications, Law, Mathematics & Statistics, Medicine, Natural & Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, Student Success.
  • BC Campus – Open Textbooks; art, business, recreation & tourism, social sciences, trades.
  • OpenCourseWare Consortium – Open textbooks; Art, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Education, Health, Nursing, History, Physics, Sociology, Probability and Statistics.
  • Writing Spaces – Writing Spaces is an open textbook project for college-level writing studies courses.
  • The LibreTexts Project – Open-access textbooks and other resources developed in collaboration by a number of institutions, led by UC Davis.
  • Rebus Press Projects – Find, create, and collaborate on books created by the Rebus Community

Open Source Articles and Books

Course Materials

  • Lumen Learning – Low-cost open courseware
  • Open Course Library – A collection of high quality, free-to-use courses that you can download and use for teaching. All content is stored in Google docs
  • My Open Math – Online math homework, online text, quizzes, videos, instructor resources, various math courses, hybrid/online
  • Academic Earth Open courseware from MIT, Berkeley, Stanford University and more
  • CogBooks – Biology 101, non-major, $37.00 cost to student
  • Saylor – Course materials and lessons in many discipline areas
  • BioBeyond Adaptive courseware for BIO 101, non-major, $25.00 cost to student
  • Open Learning Initiative – Open, free courses; visual design, anatomy and physiology, languages, media programming, biochemistry, argument
  • – UMass Boston open courseware

Science and Engineering

  • InteGrate – Sustainability resources and lesson plans for teachers
  • Foss Web – K-8 active learning for science
  • MIT Blossoms – Science, math and engineering resources
  • Teach Engineering – Resource of activities, lessons, units and living labs for applied sciences and math, K-12
  • NOVA Labs – Science, engineering, math, videos, labs and digital resources
  • – STEM K-12, simulations, adaptive content, concept-based learning

Virtual Simulation Tools and Software

Movies, Videos, Multimedia Resources


  • Steam – Educational games for sciences. Students pay to access, some free
  • NOAA Games – Games and interactive activities focused on ocean and air themes


Faculty Development

Open Access Repositories