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For Faculty and Staff

This page provides information for current faculty in the College of Liberal Arts. For information about specific faculty members, please visit each department's web page for faculty listings and profiles.

At left you'll find  links to information on grants (including the Dean's Travel, Research and Discretionary Funds), the faculty senate, resources for junior faculty, and forms and deadlines.

Also available for download here are the two most recent strategic plans and the current and recent Annual Reports for the College of Liberal Arts:

CLA 2019-2020  Annual Report
CLA 2018-2019 Annual Report
CLA 2017-2018 Annual Report
CLA 2016-2017  Annual Report
CLA 2015-2016 Annual Report

2015-2020 CLA Strategic Plan

CLA 2014-2015 Annual Report 
CLA 2013-2014 Annual Report
CLA 2012-2013 Annual Report
CLA 2011-2012 Annual Report
CLA 2010-2011 Annual Report

2011-2015 CLA Strategic Plan

CLA 2009-2010 Annual Report
CLA 2008-2009 Annual Report
CLA 2007-2008 Annual Report
CLA 2006-2007 Annual Report
CLA 2005-2006 Annual Report
CLA 2004-2005Annual Report

The CLA Task Force Reports:

Revised 2:2 Final Draft Proposal 11.14.12

Graduate Program Taskforce

Large-Enrollment Classes Taskforce

Accountability Taskforce

Administrative CLR Taskforce

NTT Taskforce Report