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Large Enrollment Resources for Faculty and Teaching Assistants

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Large enrollment classes—those that enroll 70 or more students—are becoming more widely used in the College of Liberal Arts. The faculty members teaching these courses typically work with one or more graduate teaching assistants. To help faculty and TAs develop mutually supportive and successful collaborations, we offer the resources and tools below. We strongly suggest that professors and TAs select and discuss a subset of these materials as they begin their work together and continue to use them as references for enriching their collaboration.

Graduate Teaching Program and Resources are available though the Office for Faculty Development.

Below you will find a list of academic articles as well as some university tools that will help faculty and TAs when preparing for their large enrollment courses.

UMass Boston Guidelines for Graduate Assistants in Large Lectures

These guidelines are intended to support excellent learning experiences for both the undergraduates in large lectures and for the teaching assistants in them.

Faculty and TA Teaching Teams

(Stanford University Newsletter, Fall 2007.)  

Working with Faculty of Record

(By Laura B. McGrath)-Mentoring relationships between faculty and TAs.

Tips for New Teaching Assistants

(By Julie Dodd, Inside Higher Ed, August 2015.)

Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education

Joseph Codde from Michigan State University provides a brief summary of how to apply seven principles for good teaching in undergraduate education.

UMass Boston TA Training - Principles of Interaction

 The TA Training grid suggests good ideas concerning 4 principles of Interactions including maximizing student/faculty conduct, prompt feedback, time on task, and communicating high expectations for TA work with professors.

Creating a Teaching Portfolio: Guidelines for Teaching Assistants

Judith Longfield from Georgia Southern University provides a definition of a teaching portfolio, it's benefits, and gives tips on how to create a proactive portfolio for teaching assistants.

The Socratic Portfolio: A Guide for Future Faculty

 Laura Border from the University of Colorado, Boulder provides a short overview on the developmental process of creating a Socratic portfolio.

Resources for Teaching Large Lecture Courses

A compilation of effective resources for those teaching large lecture courses.
CIT Forum 2/24/16


Large Enrollment Classrooms at UMass Boston

Technology in Large Enrollment Courses

Please click here to access Blackboard.

Please click here for information, reviews, support and pricing for i>Clicker.

Please click on the link to learn more about Top Hat.

University of Maine did a comparison with a cost analysis on i>Clicker vs. Top Hat.

Pedagogy in the Large Classroom: Tips and Practices

The following sites and articles about teaching large enrollment classes have been accessed through the Center for Research on Teaching and Learning, University of Michigan: 

“Six Ways to Make Lectures in a Large Enrollment Course More Manageable and Effective,” (U.C. Berkeley, 1983) 

“Interactive Lectures,” MacDonald and Teed, Science Education Resource Center, Carlton College, 2015 

“Eight Steps to Active Learning,” Terry Doyle, Ferris State University, 2015 

"Students Behaving Badly in Large Classes", Elisa Carbone, University of Wisconsin- Stout, 1999

“Twenty Ways to Make Lectures More Participatory,” Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, Harvard University, 2010 

“Resources for Teaching Large Classes,” Suzanne Weinstein, Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence, Pennsylvania State University, 2011