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Re-entry Mediation

The MA Re-entry Mediation Program is administered by MOPC in partnership with qualified community mediation centers from regions across the state under program agreements with the Department of Correction and several County Sheriffs. The Program was created to serve people returning to the community after a period of incarceration and was modeled on a similar program in Maryland that has demonstrated positive impact on reducing recidivism and preventing homelessness. The MA Program was initially piloted in 2018 with funding from the Boston Foundation and the Gardiner Howland Shaw Foundation and became state funded as of 2020. Funding for the program is appropriated annually through the state budget.  

Program Eligibility 

The Program serves qualified incarcerated people who are within 12 months of release and qualified formerly incarcerated people for the first few months post-release.  

Re-entry Mediation 

Through the mediation process, current and former incarcerated individuals can develop plans with partners, family members or others to support a successful transition in key areas including housing, relationships, children, substance use issues, work, and transportation. Mediation allows everyone to be fully heard and involved in the decision-making process. Although the process can help participants to surface tensions and work to resolve them with the help of non-judgmental mediators, there does not need to be any conflict.  As with all forms of mediation, the process is voluntary and confidential, and any agreements reached reflect the needs of all the participants. Re-entry mediation services can serve as a complement to existing pre-release and post-release services focused on housing, job placement, substance abuse counseling, and more. 

Re-entry Mediation Services 

All services are free of charge. Participants can engage in up to three two-hour mediation sessions pre-release, and as many sessions post-release as necessary.   

Pre-release mediations are held in state prisons and county correctional facilities across the state. Post-release mediations are held at community mediation centers and with various post-release agencies.  

Re-entry Mediators  

Re-entry mediation services are provided by experienced community mediators who have been trained in re-entry mediation by MOPC and fulfill continuing education requirements.  

Evaluation & Research 

MOPC and participating community mediation centers work together in gathering and analyzing program data for evaluation and research to inform program implementation, development, public accountability, and fundraising. (For more information see MOPC website Research & Evaluation page.) 


Deepika Madan, Program Manager, or (617) 287-3165 

Connect with participating community mediation centers:  

Other Resources

For more information on the MA network of Community Mediation Centers see the Resolution Massachusetts website: