UMass Boston

Our Staff

Susan Jeghelian, Executive Director: policymaking, planning, and program development                                                                   

Madhawa Palihapitiya, Associate Director: research and program evaluation 

Mette Kreutzmann, Director of Programs & Operations: financial and business management; public deliberation

Rosalind Cresswell, Director of Community Mediation Programs: community mediation programming

Courtney Breese, Program Manager: affordable housing, agriculture, public deliberation, youth programs

Jarling Ho, Program Manager: housing mediation program and diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives

Deepika Madan, Program Manager: reentry and parent mediation programs; database system

Essie Martsinkovsky, Program Manager: community mediation grant program, training, and outreach

Karina Zeferino, Research Associate: research and program evaluation

Alvin Merlos, Program Assistant: departmental and program administration