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Credit Load

Undergraduate Students

Full-time load: An undergraduate student is deemed to be in full-time status during a semester if carrying 12 or more credits. Some financial aid programs may be reduced if enrollment is for fewer than 12 credits.
Maximum load: Undergraduate students may apply for no more than 17 credits per semester which includes fall, spring and summer (all sessions). For the winter session the maximum allowed is 6 credits.
After the first semester, however, students may ask to take additional course credits under the following conditions:

  • the student’s overall grade point average is 3.0 (or above)
  • the grade point average for the previous semester is 3.5 or higher and includes at least 15 credits
  • the permission for Credit Overload form is completed and approved by the Office of Undergraduate Studies (except for College of Management, Management Request for Credit Overload)

Graduate Students

Graduate Students may enroll for no more than twelve (12) credits. Students wishing to enroll in more than 12 credits must have written permission from their Graduate Program Director. The program director must also notify the Registrar’s Office if permission is granted.
Graduate Students are considered full time at 9 credits or more
Graduate Students are considered half time at 6 credits

Enrollment Status Chart:

Undergraduate 12+ credits

Full Time

Undergraduate 9-11 credits

Three Quarter Time

Undergraduate 6-8 credits

Half Time

Undergraduate 1-5 credits

Less Than Half Time

Graduate 9+ credits

Full Time

Graduate 6-8 credits

Half Time

Graduate 1-5 credits

Less Than Half Time

Graduate Program Fee*

No credit, unless approved by GPD*

* All students registered for the program fee will NOT be reported to the National Student Clearing House unless we are notified by their Graduate Program Directors that they are working on at least a half time basis.

Official signed departmental memos are submitted by the GPD to 

Fall semester full-time memos should be submitted no later than July 31st, Spring semester full-time memos should be submitted no later than November 30th.  This allows the Registrar’s Office proper time to code the student record as meeting at least half time enrollment status enabling the student’s record to be picked up by the Clearinghouse to eliminate loan deferment issues.

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