About the Biochemistry Program

The Biochemistry Program consists of the Biochemistry Joint Major, the Biochemistry Certificate, and Graduate Courses. The Principal Faculty of the Biochemistry Program are those teaching in the Biochemistry courses, Dr. Steven Ackerman, Dr. Daniel Dowling, Dr. Jason Evans, Dr. William Hagar, Dr. Manickam Sugumaran, Dr. Marianna Torok. The Biochemistry Joint Major also offers students a vehicle to engage in, and complete, an independent research project, either in the laboratory of one of the Principal Biochemistry Faculty or in the laboratory of the Contributing Faculty from the Departments of Biology and Chemistry (see Faculty Research). The contributing faculty are a large, diverse group of investigators whose research programs also utilize biochemical techniques and approaches. Additionally, faculty from other science departments at UMass Boston may be chosen as a mentor if their research uses biochemistry. Such varied interests as gene regulation and expression, green chemistry, plant biology, immunology, x-ray crystallography, proteomics, endocrinology, protein trafficking, photosynthesis, cell cycle, yeast genetics, Drosophila genetics, plant genetics, developmental biology, microbiology, environmental microbiology, remediation biology, acid rain biochemistry, protein chemistry, bioinformatics, neurobiology, toxicology, etc.
The Biochemistry Certificate offers individuals an opportunity to enroll in five courses over a one year period, and receive documentation of their successful completion of a core group of courses in the biochemistry discipline.