Graduate Programs

The list below contains only some of the graduate courses related to Biochemistry. Visit the following links for complete course directory and detailed information on the Biology and Chemistry Graduate Programs:

Biology Graduate Programs

Chemistry Graduate Programs

Most of the 600 level courses are also open to advanced undergraduates who meet prerequisites and have permission of the instructor.

Biol 680/Chem680 Physical Biochemistry (Dr. Ackerman, Dr. Evans, Dr. Sugumaran)

Chem 681 Medical Biochemistry (Dr. Ackerman, Dr. M. Torok)

Biol 678/679 Protein Chemistry and Enzymology (Dr. Sugumaran)

Biol 675/676 Advanced Molecular Biology (Dr. Ackerman, Dr. Kleene)

Biol 674 Cell Signaling (Dr. Veraksa)

Chem 458/658 Medicinal Chemistry (Dr. B. Torok)

Chem 631 Chemical Toxicology (Dr. Anastas)

Chem 651 Spectrometric Identification of Organic Compounds (Dr. Schwartz)