Seminar Series

The Integrated Sciences Complex, photo by Robert Benson.

Each semester since Fall 2012, the Biology Department has also organized a special symposium with eminent guest speakers from a wide variety of fields to lecture on and discuss the many biological, economic and social aspects of sustainability. 

The seminars take place during the fall and spring semesters on Fridays from 2:30-3:30 p.m. in ISC-3-3300.

Dimensions of Sustainability Symposia 2014-2017: Lecture Videos

The Dimensions of Sustainability Symposium Series has been generously supported by the Ruth and Fuad Safwat Enhancement Fund. Below are links to video clips recording these symposia since Spring semester 2014. 

Fall 2016 Sustainability Symposium

Moderator - Sarah T. Phillips, Boston University

Guest Speakers

  • Richard Primack, Boston University
    • Climate Change Comes to Thoreau's Concord: New Insights from Historical Data Sets and Experiments
  • Steve Long, Harvard Forrest and Nothern Woodlands
    • 1938: Impacts and Implications of New England's Once and Future Tropical Hurricane
  • Peter Frumhoff, Union of Concerned Scientists
    • Historical Obfuscation and Future Action: Fossil Fuel Companies' Responsibility for Climate Change

To view this event flyer, click here.

Spring 2016 Sustainability Symposium

Fall 2015 Sustainability Symposium

Fall 2015 Sustainability Symposium Powerpoints

Spring 2015 Sustainability Symposium 

​Winter 2014 Sustainability Symposium

Spring 2014 Sustainability Symposium

Picture of student in the marsh at the Nantucket Field Station

Biology on Nantucket

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