About Us

Office Mission, Aims, and Scope


To facilitate UMass Boston’s processes of strategically integrating the dimensions of international (global), transnational (borderless), transcultural, intercultural, and national trends and policies into the curriculum, teaching, research, community engagement, and service functions of the university.


  • To promote involvement of all students in significant international educational experiences in the context of global-urban communities;
  • To create and maintain a stimulating and supportive academic and cultural environment for and with students and scholars;
  • To support transnational academic curricula that are trans-disciplinary and trans-collegiate;
  • To promote and enhance faculty’s teaching, research, and multiple forms of scholarship activities pertaining to global-urban matters, and their engagement permeate transdisciplinary approaches; and
  • To ensure efficient and coherent coordination for campus-wide transcultural academic affairs. 


The office provides services in the four main areas to facilitate the university’s internationalization:

  • Services for international students and scholars as well as study abroad and exchange programs;
  • Services for developing  transnational service learning curricula in global-urban contexts for both undergraduate and graduate students;
  • Services for faculty’s transnational and transdisciplinary professional development in their scholarship of teaching, research, and community engagement; and
  • Services for developing transnational and transdisciplinary curriculum and degree program development.