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Acquire the business acumen and professional skills you need to launch your career.

The Management BS is designed to immerse you in both business theory and practice. With the guidance of an esteemed faculty of business professionals, you’ll emerge prepared with the entrepreneurial, communication, ethical, and critical thinking skills you need to achieve your goals—whether you want to start your climb toward the C-suite or launch your own innovative venture.

In this program, you will:

  • Develop the communication, presentation, and analytical skills required by contemporary managers
  • Explore a full range of management courses and concentrations designed to prepare you for your desired career path
  • Gain hands-on management experience during your capstone course

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Financing Your Education

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Curriculum & Deadlines

Required Courses

Critical Analysis

Students matriculating with 30 or more transfer credits do not have to complete a first year seminar.

Students in the Honors College will fulfill the first year seminar requirement with HONORS 101 - Honors First-year Seminar and HONORS 210G - Honors Intermediate Seminar.

Non-Business Foundation

Writing Proficiency

Areas of Knowledge

  • Two Arts (AR) and/or Humanities (HU)
  • Two Social and Behavioral Science (SB)
  • Two Natural Sciences (NS) and/or Math/Technology (MT)
  • One World Languages (WL) or World Cultures (WC)


  • One United States Diversity or International Diversity

Non-Business Electives

At least 60 credits (usually 20 courses) of non-business electives must be taken for the degree. General education and foundation courses can be included in this requirement.

International Management

Take one course from the list below:


Management majors are required to complete a concentration, which is often related to their professional interests and career plans. Concentration options are:

The concentration in accounting provides students with a broad understanding of both accounting theory and techniques in preparation for a full range of career opportunities in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors of this rapidly expanding field. The curriculum reflects the knowledge and skills necessary for professional success in the dynamic and critical areas of public and private accounting.

The entrepreneurship concentration allows students to develop skills in entrepreneurial innovation and action, effective communication, capitalizing on opportunities, and new business creation and growth. Interdisciplinary electives let students focus on e-commerce, international venturing, operational innovation, or starting their own company with mentoring from successful entrepreneurs.

The finance concentration offers courses in corporate finance, investment and portfolio management, financial institutions and markets, and financial policy. The curriculum has been carefully designed to reflect the essential knowledge and skills necessary for success in the lucrative and challenging field of finance.

Information Systems and Business Analytics
Information and data analytics technologies are transforming all aspects of business. Students who concentrate in Information Systems and Business Analytics (ISBA) can acquire the knowledge and skills needed to take a leading role in these innovative fields. The curriculum of the ISBA concentration covers the topics in business analytics and its information systems foundation.

Interdisciplinary Business
The Interdisciplinary Business concentration allows students to explore various advanced business topics and courses from each department in the College. Students will take specific courses in Accounting, Business Intelligence, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Management, Marketing, or Supply Chain Management disciplines. This concentration is available online, making it a flexible option that fits many scheduling priorities.

International Management
The international management concentration seeks to broaden students’ horizons and prepare them for the increasingly global business world. This concentration will help students understand both the economic, and political forces shaping the world economy and the implications for management practices. Students will gain an appreciation of the diverse economies and cultures of different countries.

Leadership and Organizational Change
The Leadership and Organizational Change (LOC) concentration allows students to explore and develop critical managerial skills in decision making, conflict management, communication, and venture-creation skills. The concentration provides students not only with technical skills but also with the ability to manage people and resources effectively. Students can focus their concentration in one of the following areas if they wish: Human Resource Management or
Managerial Effectiveness.

The purpose of marketing is to find and keep customers. Employers in today’s economic environment actively seek competent, committed individuals for a variety of upwardly mobile careers in the field of marketing. The marketing concentration provides students with an in-depth understanding of the most current thinking and practices in strategic marketing techniques along with the analytical, communication, and computer skills their employers expect.

Sport Business
The Sport Business concentration is an option for Management majors and prepares students for careers in the sport entertainment world. This program, located in Boston, with the proximity to professional and semi-professional sports teams and corporate headquarters within the industry is uniquely positioned to provide multiple robust learning and networking opportunities for our students.

Supply Chain and Service Management
On this track, students learn how to make businesses do more, do it better, and to do it as efficiently as possible.  The hands-on skills and analytical techniques of SCSM turn a vision into a profitable enterprise.  In running the operations of large and complex organizations, SCSM graduates negotiate with suppliers, design customer experiences and the systems that deliver them, and keep the business working.  Every business needs Supply Chain and Service Management.

Career Possibilities

Apply your people skills to a career in human resources. Flex your penchant for numbers in a finance role. Or, start your own business with the knowledge you need to grow it. These are just a few of the possibilities a management BS offers.

Become a(n):

  • Project Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Accountant
  • Marketing Manager
  • Data Analyst
  • Business Consultant
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