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Welcome to the Department of Management

UMass Boston's Department of Management is a diverse group of scholars and practitioners who are interested in the core management issues of human behavior in organizations, entrepreneurship, organizational strategy, and the complex relationships between business and society. Our classes and programs provide in-depth training on a range of skills that are critical for organizational effectiveness and addressing the most pressing societal challenges. 

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Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Management BS

  • Leadership and Organizational Change concentration
  • Entrepreneurship concentration 
  • International Management concentration

Management Minor

Graduate Programs

Business Administration MBA

  • Leadership and Organizational Change specialization
  • Environmental Management and Sustainability specialization
  • International Management specialization
  • Nonprofit Management specialization

Cybersecurity Management Certificate

About Our Department

The Department’s research and teaching focus on a range of management topics including individual and group behavior, teamwork, diversity and inclusion, leadership, organizational change and culture, entrepreneurship, strategy, and business ethics. We also focus on the complex relationships between business and society including corporate social responsibility, climate change, globalization, and the role of the government in regulating the economy.

Our courses and programs focus on the development of critical interpersonal skills relating to communication, negotiation, conflict resolution, decision-making, leading teams, fostering innovation, and promoting the inclusion of a diverse range of people. We also teach skills that prepare students to develop long-term strategies to prepare for ever changing external challenges.

Students will be well-prepared for a range of organizational and leadership roles in established corporations, startups, consulting firms, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and social enterprises. Our alumni work as account executives, project directors, human resource managers, top level executives, mid-level managers, consultants, sustainability officers, and recruiters—several have even started their own firms.


Department of Management

Ed Carberry
Department Chair and Associate Professor
College of Management
McCormack Building