UMass Boston

Academic Coaching

Academic coaching is an opportunity for UMass Boston students to develop their strengths as they navigate their college journeys. Academic coaching provides a restorative, skill-building response to cases of academic integrity violation or barriers to course completion, such as nonattendance and/or unsatisfactory coursework. Academic coaching is committed to the needs of students with limited or nonlinear pathways to degree completion, including students with disabilities, adult learners, returning students, first generation students, low-income students, multilingual learners, and students from immigrant and refugee backgrounds.  
We believe that all UMass Boston students are resilient and capable of reaching their personal academic goals. Academic coaches are dedicated staff members who see student potential and have the resources and experience to help them realize it. Coaches are here to motivate, guide, and work with students to find solutions that work for them.  
Coaching is available for all UMass Boston students, who are invited to bring all areas of needed support to coaches for best coordination of services. Coaches provide direct services through skill-development workshops and presentations for classes/programs; recurring student 1:1 or small group meetings; and coordinated, restorative student referral program (SRP) responses. Coaching is separate from formal advising and tutoring, but coaches will work alongside these helpful other services through coordinated partnerships. Coaches help students make positive academic decisions as they navigate the many resources available on campus. Coaches also provide support and professional development for CAE peer mentors to help ensure that the goals of both programs are aligned.  
To request an initial meeting with one of our academic coaches, please fill out our intake form using the link below. One of our coaches will be in contact with you soon!