Subject Tutoring Program

The Subject Tutoring Program offers free individual or group tutoring for students enrolled in one or more College of Liberal Arts and/or College of Science and Mathematics 100- or 200-level courses for which tutoring is available.

Online registration for individual or group tutoring is available for the Subject Tutoring Program.

100- and 200-level course areas in which students can register online for tutoring include:

Online registration is also available for math tutoring through the Math Resource Center. Visit the Math Resource Center for more information.

To register online for either math or subject tutoring, students must be enrolled in the course for which they are requesting tutoring. Additional information on the Subject Tutoring Program, including FAQs, guidelines and resources, can be viewed at the Subject Tutoring Program Wiki.

To sign up for tutoring in English or the Reading, Writing, and Study Strategies Center, please go to Academic Support Programs, CC-1-1300. To find out about tutoring in courses in other UMass Boston colleges, such as the College of Management or the College of Nursing, please check directly with the college.

To sign up for subject tutoring in the specified areas, please visit the tutoring registration homepage (OATS).

Information about becoming a tutor can be found on the Subject Tutoring Program Wiki.

For additional information, please email the Subject Tutoring Program  or check with the Subject Tutoring Program staff on the 8th floor of the Healey Library.