UMass Boston

Understanding Your Transfer Credit Evaluation

Once a student is admitted to UMass Boston, transcripts are forwarded over for evaluation. Within 10 business days, students will receive a secure email including a copy of their transfer credit evaluation (TCE). Here is a guide to understanding your evaluation: 

Watch this quick video as our transfer staff walk you through understanding your Transfer Credit Evaluation.

I have completed additional courses since receiving my TCE. How do I ensure these are added to my evaluation?

Make sure you send an official copy of your transcript with the updated coursework to the Office of Undergraduate Admission. Once we receive this transcript, we will process your updated courses and add any transfer credit to your TCE. You will receive an email when your credits are updated.

After reviewing my evaluation, there are some courses that did not transfer that I believe should. Who do I contact about this?

When evaluating transfer credit, every effort is made to award students as much transfer credit as possible. If you believe you should receive additional credit, we ask you to submit a Transfer Credit Appeal Form that includes supporting documentation such as a course syllabus. Please note, awarding additional credit is rare.

I am considering changing my major. How will this impact my transfer credit evaluation?

You should get in contact with a transfer counselor if planning to change your major as you must first be approved that you meet the admission criteria. A transfer counselor will be happy to discuss with you the potential impacts of a major change on your evaluation.