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U-Access Student Leaders 

The Office of Urban and Off-Campus Support Services in currently not hiring students employees. Please complete this application above so that we have your information on file if a position that you have expressed interest for becomes available. Any inquires can be sent to

Student Job Title Description
Pantry Operations Assitant Oversees Pantry Specialists including recruitment and selection, organizing schedules, planning and implementing orientation, organizing donation drives, and assessing the volunteer experience for further improvement
Pantry Specialist  Inventory and organization of donations, distribution of food to clients in pantry, filling out food order forms, keeping the pantry clean, and providing a welcoming and safe space for our clients
Resource Assistant Responsible for developing new and innovating current programming for U-Access clients
Education Assistant Responsible for researching and developing programming surrounding campus poverty for the U-Access and campus community
Communications Assistant Oversees all public relations and advertising efforts of U-Access, including working with Creative Services and Quinn Graphics on our print materials, managing our social media presence, and creatively producing new marketing initiatives
Administrative Assistant The administrative assistants are responsible for client assistance on the phone, via chat, and on-site. These representatives often act as the face of U-Access because they interact the most frequently with our student clients.
Financial Literacy Assistant  Help students discover the client's current financial situation through empirical analysis of their financial records; clarify their needs; define clear goals and objectives; prioritize action steps; provide education, guidance, and accountability; and support clients to work toward a state of financial wellness.
SNAP Application Assistant  Help students in applying for SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) food assistance. These staff can assist you in applying for SNAP benefits, assist you with your re-certification, assist your with submitting required documentation and more.
Social Services Assistant The social services team admit new clients by reviewing records and applications, navigates online software such as BlackBoard, Wiser, Maxient, Salesforce, and other technology resources to help students obtain information and problem solve and teaches students how to navigate advising services and off campus resources.