COSMIC (Center of Science and Mathematics in Context)

at the University of Massachusetts Boston


Current and Recent Projects, Grants, and Sub-Awards


Funding Support


Primary Contact

Project Infuse: Engineering Infusion in Physics-  a STEM Summer Course for High School Physics Teachers NSF

Arthur Eisenkraft, PhD & Kristen Wendell, PhD

Wipro SEF: WIPRO Science Education Fellowship Wipro Foundation Arthur Eisenkraft, PhD & Roxane Johnson-DeLear
PD-RAP: Understanding Professional Development for the Revised Advanced Placement Curriculum NSF

Arthur Eisenkraft, PhD & Ayana McCoy

Engineering Discourse: Multimedia Engineering Notebook Tools for Urban Elementary School Classrooms NSF

Kristen Wendell, PhD & Patricia Paugh, PhD

Community-Based Engineering for Pre-Service Urban Elementary Teachers NSF Kristen Wendell, PhD
Boston Science Partnership

National Science Foundation (NSF) Math Science Partnership, $12.5m

Bob Chen, PhD
Boston Energy in Science Teaching (BEST): Phase II

NSF, $2.1m  

Arthur Eisenkraft, PhD Bob Chen, PhD
Watershed Integrated Sciences Partnership (WISP)

NSF GK-12 grant, $1.5m

Bob Chen, PhD
Integrating Engineering & Literacy NSF Sub-Award through Tufts University Kristen Wendell, PhD
Teaching Math to English Language Learners(TMELL) Department of Education (DOE), $2m Mike Gilbert, PhD
Teaching Science to English Language Learners(TSELL)


Mike Gilbert, PhDFabián Torres-Ardila, PhD
Active Physics Revision Curriculum Grant NSF, $1.1m Arthur Eisenkraft, PhD
Active Chemistry Curriculum Grant NSF, $2.2m Arthur Eisenkraft, PhD
Active Physics Teachers' Community NSF, $1.5m Arthur Eisenkraft, PhD & Alex Hartley
SEF & SEF 2 NSF Arthur Eisenkraft, PhD
Advanced Placement Bridge Program

Boston Public Schools (BPS), APIP/US DOE

Arthur Eisenkraft, PhD
Advanced Placement Initiatives NSF, BPS, APIP/US DOE Anthea GabrielRoxane Johnson-DeLear
Centers for Ocean Science Education Excellence (COSEE)   Bob Chen, PhD
Teach Next Year / Noyce Scholarship Program NSF Lisa Gonsalves, PhD
Collaborating to Create a Science Community (CCC) Everett Public Schools, MA DESE Roxane Johnson-DeLear
Toshiba Explora Visions   Arthur Eisenkraft, PhD
Math and Science Partnership (MSP) Learning Network Conference, 2011   Hannah Sevian, PhD & Fabián Torres-Ardila, PhD
Assessing Technological Literacy   Arthur Eisenkraft, PhD
Professional Development of Universal Course Design   Arthur Eisenkraft, PhD
NASA Summer of Innovation  

Anthea Gabriel