The center’s action-oriented research has two aims. It examines women’s political representation and leadership with an emphasis on the public leadership of women of color to help strengthen diverse forms of women’s leadership. It also generates data and analyses to inform policy making on current issues related to women’s economic security.

Building on its long-term commitment to exploring the combined impacts of gender, race/ethnicity, and class on policy making and politics, much of the center’s research agenda prioritizes the experiences of underrepresented, low-income, and marginalized women.


Current Projects

In partnership with Boston Mayor Walsh’s Office of Women’s Advancement (MOWA) and the Boston Foundation, the center is completing a study of salary negotiation workshops offered to Boston’s working women in an effort to close the gender wage gap.

The research team is also updating the profiles of women of color included in the first-ever Profiles in Leadership: Women of Color Elected to Office in Massachusetts  - produced in collaboration with the Women’s Pipeline for Change and initially released in 2015.



For more information about the center’s research agenda, activities, and/or publications, please contact Christa Kelleher, Research and Policy Director, at 617.287.5530 or

Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy

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