UMass Boston

Vendor Sales & Exhibitor Tables

UMass Boston is an attractive setting for vendors, businesses, and nonprofit organizations that wish to sell merchandise, promote, sample goods, or conduct product demonstrations. UMass Boston offers a variety of table locations in highly visible locations. To learn more about our vending program, please review our Table Space Agreement Policy.

Obtaining Space
Please complete our Request Form and contact Event Services to discuss the details of your reservation. Once both parties have agreed upon the date(s) of your stay, Event Services will issue you a formal space confirmation. 

The fee is $200 per day for a 12’ x 6’ space, two 6’ tables, and two chairs provided by UMass Boston. Multiple bookings during the same semester qualify for the following discounts: two bookings at $175 per day and three bookings or more at $133 per day. Payment is required on or before your vending date. If you don’t pay for space prior to your scheduled date, you will be asked to pay before you depart the venue. Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit card.

Prohibited Products
Please note the sale or promotion of some products is prohibited. Prohibited products include, but are not limited to; travel services, insurance products, credit cards, utilities, mortgages or other loans, and/or subscriptions to any product or service. In addition, the sale of items already provided by an existing campus vendor, such as books, food, etc., will require special approval. The University of Massachusetts Boston does not endorse or approve the misrepresentation of trademarks, copyrights, or advertising by vendors. Any materials distributed should adhere to common sense guidelines of decency and appropriateness for our diverse population.

Unloading Items
Vendors may unload their items at the Campus Center Loading Dock. With a proper parking permit, cars may park in front of Bay #1, against the curb. Items can then be transported via the pedestrian ramp to the Campus Center. Parking is limited to 30 minutes. After transporting your items to the Campus Center, you may park your car at one of our designated parking lots. Cars parked longer than 30 minutes will be ticketed and/or towed.