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Research Associates


Senior Research Associates

Maria Idalí Torres, Associate Professor of Anthropology, co-director of the Office of Health Disparities Research and Training and former director of the Gastón Institute (2009-2017). Research areas: applied anthropology, U.S. Latino health disparities, sexual and reproductive health; CBPAR, and culturally responsive health intervention research.

Miren Uriarte, Senior Research Associate, Professor Emeritus of Human Services, Boston Public Schools Committee member and co-founder of the Gastón Institute. Research areas: institutional development, English as a Second Language, applied social policy analysis, Cuba, Latinos in the U.S., program development and evaluation research in education, health care, human services.

Research Associates

Melissa Colón, Tufts University. Research Analyst for the Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program (MIECHV) in Massachusetts. Former Associate Director of the Gastón Institute. Research areas: social policy, knowledge utilization and dissemination, organizational change, public and legislative affairs, educational equity, and sustainable development.

Virginia Diez, Tufts University. Research areas: child development, teen pregnancy and parenting, ethnography.

Ana Rosa Linde Arias, Ph.D., Senior Researcher at Getulio Vargas Foundation, FGV, Brazil. Research interest: Public Health, Global Health, Environmental Health.

Rosalyn Negrón, Associate Professor of Anthropology and professor of Latino Leadership Opportunity Program. Research areas: cultural, linguistic and urban anthropology with an emphasis on Latino Studies and research methods.

C. Eduardo Siqueira, Associate Professor, School for the Environment and Coordinator of Transnational Brazilian Project. Former Associate Director of the Gastón Institute. Research areas: health policy, occupational health, Brazilian immigration/migration, environmental justice.


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