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All departmental services are located in the Quinn Administration Building, 2nd floor.
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Health & Wellness

Our Services

Our health center is staffed by board-certified healthcare providers with training and experience in college health.

Common Health Issues Seen at UHS

  • Infections, such as sore throats, colds, flu, urinary tract infections
  • Injuries, such as sprains, wounds, concussions, lacerations
  • Symptoms, such as abdominal pain, fatigue, cough, dizziness
  • Chronic conditions, such as asthma, migraines, ADHD
  • Skin issues, such as acne, rashes, bites
  • Musculoskeletal issues, such as back pain, joint pain
  • Procedures, such as ear irrigations, dressing changes, wart treatment
  • Sports Physicals + Sport Injury Evaluations
  • Sexual Health Issues

Primary Care

Whether you have a primary care provider (PCP) at home who you want to keep seeing throughout college, or if you want to see a UHS provider while you're a student, you can access high-quality medical care on campus with our team of physicians, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses who specialize in college health. UHS Providers can provide/coordinate care for students, including:

  • Diagnosis & Treatment of Illnesses, Injuries, Acute & Chronic Conditions
  • Annual Wellness Visits
  • Medication Management
  • Sexual & Reproductive Health
  • Gender-Affirming Care
  • Sports Physicals (UMB Athletes only)
  • Health Screenings
  • Referrals

Sexual & Reproductive Health

Services include:

  • Routine vaginal exams, including Pap tests and follow-up of abnormal tests
  • Birth control education, counseling, and management
  • Emergency contraception counseling and prescriptions
  • Pregnancy testing, options counseling, and medication abortion
  • Menstrual-related diagnoses and treatment, including irregular or absent periods
  • Evaluation of pelvic pain and painful sex symptoms
  • Diagnosis and care for urinary tract and vaginal infections
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccinations
  • PrEP and PEP
  • Sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing, diagnosis and treatment
  • HIV testing, diagnosis, and counseling

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STI & HIV Testing

About 1 in 4 college students has an STI - and many STIs have no symptoms!

Sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing for Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, HIV, and Syphilis is available at UHS General Medicine. Providers will help determine which tests patients need.

Surveillance Testing

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Symptomatic/Exposure Testing

If you develop any symptoms (including unusual genital discharge, burning with urination, genital sores, rash/bumps, or pelvic pain), or if you have a positive or symptomatic partner, you should make an appointment for testing at the UHS General Medicine clinic. If you do not see appointments within 48 hours, please call the UHS General Medicine clinic at (617) 287-5660.

What to Know Before You Get Tested
  • Gonorrhea and Chlamydia testing should be done for all body sites which may have been exposed (throat, rectal self-swab, vaginal self-swab, or urine sample). If a urine sample is being collected, it is important to refrain from urination for 1-2 hours prior to the visit.
  • HIV and Syphilis testing involves a blood draw in the laboratory.

How to Pay for Testing

Use Insurance
  • School Health Insurance Plan:
    • If you have school-issued health insurance and are seen at University Health Services, your visits are covered by your insurance.
  • Other Insurance Plans:
    • Many insurance companies cover at least part of screening tests for STIs and HIV. Based on your risk assessment, your provider may recommend multiple testing sites and methods. Each site/method is considered a different test, meaning each will incur a separate charge.
    • Always call your health insurance carrier for information about STI and HIV testing coverage at UHS.
    • You're ultimately responsible for the cost of your care. If your insurance plan doesn't cover tests that have been performed, or if you don't provide current insurance information to UHS, you will receive a bill. 
Pay Out-of-Pocket

If you choose not to use insurance for testing, you can pay out-of-pocket. Please call the front desk at (617) 287-5660 for updated pricing. 

How to Keep Testing Private

If you get tested at UHS, your insurance provider may send an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) or Summary of Payment (SOP) to the insured person’s address. The EOB may list the date of the visit, the cost of the visit, the health care provider or visit location, and the type of service or visit.

If you have the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), services are 100% covered, and no EOB will be sent.

If you are covered under a Massachusetts-based health insurance planthe PATCH Act allows you to choose how and where your health insurance company sends your EOB. Here’s how:

  1. Find your policy number located on your health insurance card.
  2. Call the customer service number on your health insurance card and request that the EOB be sent to a different address or that you want to receive the form online. You can request that the EOB not be sent at all if you have no out-of-pocket costs.
  3. Fill out a request form in writing or online if required by your health insurance plan.

If you are covered by a non-Massachusetts-based health insurance plan, an EOB may be sent to a family member or your household. To prevent this from happening, you have two options:

  1. You may be able to have billing information sent directly to you instead of to your family member. To find out if this is possible, you must call your insurance company. This is NOT automatic and won’t happen unless you call your insurance company and ask for it.
  2. You can opt to pay the bill for STI testing entirely out-of-pocket at the time of your visit. If you do this, your insurance provider will not be involved, and no documents will be sent to your family member. 

Birth Control

Interested in starting birth control? Maybe you are already using birth control, but want to try a different type or have your IUD, implant, or diaphragm removed. Whatever your questions, concerns or needs may be, University Health Services can help. Birth control services are available in our General Medicine Clinic.

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Forms of Birth Control Available at UHS:

We can provide referrals for implants (Nexplanon), intrauterine devices (IUD), and diaphragms.

Watch this video to learn about the different types of birth control!


Required Immunizations

  • Hepatitis B (Energix-B and Hepislav-B)
  • Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR-II)
  • Meningococcal Conjugate A, C, W, Y (Menveo and Menactra)
  • Tdap/Pertussis (Boostrix)
  • Tetanus-Diphtheria (Tenivac)
  • Varicella (Varivax)

Immunization & Screening Requirements

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Routine & Preventative Immunizations (Not Required)

  • Human Papilloma Virvus (Gardasil 9-valent)
  • Influenza (seasonal)
  • Meningococcal B (Bexsero)

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Travel Vaccinations (Not Required)

If you're planning international travel, you may need additional recommended vaccinations. University Health Services provides health-related travel advice and vaccinations. Call UHS Front Desk at (617) 287-5660 at least four weeks before your trip, so you can complete the necessary immunizations for your destination.


Our Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)-approved laboratory has in-house testing and utilizes Quest Diagnostics as a reference laboratory, offering the following tests:

  • COVID-19 Testing
  • Hepatitis B Surface Antibody
  • Measles Titer
  • Mumps Titer
  • PPD (tuberculosis skin test - requires 2 visits)
  • Pregnancy Testing
  • QuantiFERON-TB Gold Plus (tuberculosis blood test)
  • Rubella Titer
  • STI Testing
  • Varicella Titer
  • Urinalysis


We offer telehealth appointments via HIPAA-secure Zoom. To schedule a telehealth appointment, please call (617) 287-5660. 

If you have a telehealth appointment at UHS, here's what to expect:

  1. Once you've made your appointment, check your email or the My Health Beacon Portal "Secure Messages." You should receive a confirmation email containing the Zoom URL for your appointment.
  2. Log in to the My Health Beacon Portal and click the "Health Requirements & Forms" tab. See if you have any required forms you need to fill out.
  3. At your appointment time, click the Zoom URL you received to join your appointment waiting room.

Telehealth visits may be appropriate for the following health concerns:

  • Mental Health - Initial and follow-up visits
  • Management of diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, thyroid disease
  • Follow-up - Lab/diagnostic testing results
  • Pre-existing condition follow-ups
  • Medication management
  • Birth control consult
  • Asymptomatic STI testing
  • UTI symptoms

Patients may be asked to visit UHS to provide necessary lab specimens or tests. At providers’ discretion, a telehealth appointment may lead to a need for in-person evaluation.  

Equipment necessary for a telehealth appointment:

  • Internet or cellular data connection
  • Cell phone or computer with working camera and microphone (video calls), OR cell phone or computer with working microphone (voice calls)
  • Private space
  • Headphones with microphone (optional)

Ask Your Provider...

  • If you need a note for work/school due to illness or injury.
  • If you would like a chaperone present for any part of your examination.
    • Please note: A chaperone is a health care professional aware of their confidentiality duty and familiar with the relevant examination. It cannot be a family member, friend, or significant other. The chaperone can assure you if you have distress or raise any concerns during the visit.