UMass Boston

General Medicine
All departmental services are located in the Quinn Administration Building, 2nd floor.
Phone: 617-287-5660
Fax: 617-287-3977
Counseling Center

24/7 Crisis Phone Support

Phone: 617.287.5690
Fax: 617.287.5507
Health & Wellness

Making An Appointment

My Health Beacon Portal

Booking an Appointment

In an emergency, always call 911

To make an appointment, please use your My Health Beacon Portal or call (617) 287-5660 during hours of operation. 

After Booking Your Appointment

  • If you have COVID-like symptoms on the day of your appointment, please take a COVID test before arriving and call (617) 287-5660 before coming. 
  • Please upload a copy of your insurance card to your My Health Beacon Portal prior to your visit. 
  • As of September 7, 2023, coverings are required for all patients and staff while at UHS. 

Who Can Be Seen at UHS?

University Health Services serves UMass Boston students for all services.

We offer COVID-19 and Flu Vaccines to all staff and faculty. Appointments can be made by booking on the My Health Beacon Portal or by calling (617) 287-5660.

First Aid & Urgent Care

If you are in need of first aid or you have an urgent medical issue that is not an emergency, we ask that you please call ahead if possible at (617) 287-5660.

UMass Boston's Department of Public Safety has first responders who attend to all on-campus medical emergency situations that occur outside of University Health Services. Call (617) 287-1212 (on a cell phone) or 911 (on a university phone) for immediate assistance.

After-Hour Emergencies

24/7 Care

Medical Advice

When UHS is closed and you are seeking medical advice, please call (617) 287-5660 to speak to a healthcare provider from our Nurse Triage Line.

Mental Health Crisis Support

We offer 24/7 crisis phone support, which you can reach by calling (855) 634-4135.