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Welcome to fourth edition of IT Outcomes—an annual publication dedicated to highlighting the many partnerships between IT and members of the UMass Boston community with a focus on opportunities, collaborations, and results. Each year we seek to share IT success stories and this year, 2022, we continue the tradition.

We closed out 2021 with tangible results as described in last year’s IT Outcomes, and 2022 turned out to be just as productive thanks to our focus on “SimplicITy”— a continuous improvement theme throughout 2022.

This publication captures the essence of “SimplicITy” experienced in 2022 and every story makes me beam with pride. From improving the recruitment and admissions process, to streamlining access to software for students and setting up the first-ever network & security operations center at UMass Boston, 2022 IT accomplishments are impressive when considering the new normal of hybrid teaching, learning, and working.

As we look back on 2022 fondly, and ahead to 2023 and beyond, our sights are set on “One IT”. One IT that uses all available IT resources collaboratively with the goal of IT becoming a trusted partner in providing secure, transformative, and innovative Information Technology services to advance teaching, learning, research, and administrative practices through dynamic and adaptive customer service.

You will see in the pages that follow the ways in which people, process, and technology intersected to improve the lives of students, faculty, and staff. I truly hope that you enjoy every story as much as the UMass Boston IT team has enjoyed—through “SimplicITy”—being a trusted partner in advancing the UMass Boston mission.

We are committed to achieving even greater alignment in 2023as we strive to achieve our vision of “One IT” so that together we can improve the lives of students, faculty, staff, and all related constituent groups at UMass Boston through Opportunities, Collaborations, and Results.


Ray LeFebevre

Raymond Lefebvre
Vice Chancellor and CIO 

In Memoriam
We would like to dedicate the 2022 edition of IT Outcomes to the memory of our colleague Jim Wyse, who passed away this year. You are missed by all your friends in the IT Department.