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Need a computer? IT can help!

Please select the option below which best fits your need.

“I need to request a computer for a new hire”

New hires may be eligible for a university owned computer. Fill out this form to start that request process! 

Note, you will be asked to log in to submit the form. Click the blue "Use My School ID" button and enter your UMass Boston username and password.

Web form: New Hire Computer Request

“I need to purchase a computer through my own funds”

Departmental "GOF" funds can not be used to purchase computers. Please select another option from this page to request a computer from IT. If you are purchasing a computer through grant funding, RTF, Startup funds, gift funds, or lab fees, you CAN buy a computer directly through Buyways with that money, and the Computer Lifecycle Policy requires less scrutiny on your purchase. See below for the few requirements we still do have.

Extended Warranty

All laptops and tablets must have an extended warranty added on to the purchase. Additionally, because IT can only provide hardware repairs to Dell computers, any non-Dell desktop computers also requires either an extended warranty, or a written plan approved by IT describing how hardware problems will be resolved if they occur. These requirements are strongly encouraged but not required for grant purchases. If you have further questions, please contact to discuss.

Instructions for BuyWays Computer Purchases

★ If you need to cancel a PO, please email as we must modify our records.
The Commodity Code for the primary asset must match its device type/form-factor listed below:
  • 43211503 - Laptop Computers
  • 43211507 - Desktop Computers
  • 43211509 - Tablets (ex: iPad, Surface, Kindle) *

Do not submit a single buyways order for multiple computers unless they have the same device type. For example, you can buy one or many laptops all using the laptop commodity codes, but if you need to buy laptops and desktops you must split them up into two separate buyways orders.

Do not use these Commodity Codes for accessories or protection plans; just for asset-taggable devices listed above.

* Note that our definition of "Tablet" includes just Android and iPadOS tablet devices. Any Windows "tablet" should use the Laptop commodity code.

We no longer need the Cart Name naming convention, or the Account Code requirements which were required in 2023. You may now use any cart name you want.

If you have any questions about this, please send an email to and

“I need to have my current computer repaired/reimaged”

If your computer is damaged or has significant usability issues, we can help! The technicians in our IT Desktop Support team are expert troubleshooters and can make a big difference in your experience in using a computer for your job.

Note, you will be asked to log in to submit the form. Click the blue "Use My School ID" button and enter your UMass Boston username and password.

Web form: Computer Repair Request

“My current computer can’t be fixed and needs to be replaced”

If your computer is damaged beyond repair, and the technicians in our IT Desktop Support team can't fix it, they will recommend you request a Computer Replacement.

Note, you will be asked to log in to submit the form. Click the blue "Use My School ID" button and enter your UMass Boston username and password.

Web form: Computer Replacement Request

“I need a computer, but not for a reason listed above”

If you need to request a computer for a new hire or a grant, or if you have a current computer and need it repaired or replaced, please go back and select one of the other options above.

If you need to request a computer for some other reason, please fill out the form in the button bellow.

Note, you will be asked to log in to submit the form. Click the blue "Use My School ID" button and enter your UMass Boston username and password.

Web form: Other Computer Request

“I'm a student and need a computer”

Only UMass Boston employees are eligible for a computer through this Computer Request process. IT offers several ways for you to access a computer. Check out the Chromebook Loaner Program linked below, and also see additional options for you also listed on that page.

See options for student computers

“I need to purchase computer accessories”

Only university-owned computers (including desktops, laptops, and tablets) fall under the Computer Lifecycle policy and Computer Request process. Any other technology purchase can be made freely. This includes accessories like keyboard and mice, external monitors and docking dongles, etc. 

We can help advise you on the purchase of any accessories if you have questions, just ask the IT Service Desk! The most common accessory question we get is about external monitors and docking dongles:

External Monitor

IT provides a 27" external monitor with all desktop computers but not laptops. If you need an additional monitor, your department must buy it directly through Buyways.

You likely do not need a docking dongle for a single external monitor as your computer likely has a USB-C port that can be used directly.

Buying two monitors? You'll likely need a docking dongle too, see the section below.

If your department is looking to purchase an external monitor, IT recommends the Dell 27in USB-C Hub Monitor, model number P2722HE. This has Display Port & HDMI input, built-in speaker, adjustable height, swivel, tilt & pivot. This does not have a built-in webcam so that must be purchased separately.

Docking Dongle

Most laptops provided by IT don't need a dock or adapter to run an external monitor. Using the built-in ports, IT's laptops can support a dual-screen setup (one screen built into the laptop and the second being the external monitor). If you want a three-screen setup, you will need a docking dongle to support the two external monitors.

If your department is looking to purchase a dongle, here are IT's recommendations. For Apple computers: StarTech Docking station, model DK30CHHPD. For Windows computers, Dell Docking station, model WD19S 180W. Your Mac and Dell laptop must have the USB-C Port output for connecting to the Docking station, so confirm that before buying.

Please contact for any questions about this process.

If a new computer is needed, the UMB Computer Lifecycle Policy describes who is eligible for which category of computer, as summarized below.

  • Newly hired tenure-track faculty, and staff hired into newly created positions (ie, not replacing a previous employee) are eligible to receive a recently purchased computer from IT’s Standing Inventory, including the option of either a Standard Dell or Standard Mac. The specific models and specs for these computers are defined in the policy document Appendix.
  • Newly hired employees replacing previous employees, or other scenarios where a new computer is needed, are eligible to receive a repurposed computer from IT’s Standing Inventory.
  • Employees who work on campus full-time are eligible for a desktop computer, while employees who's jobs are approved for working remotely are eligible for a laptop.

For any other computer need, or for one of the above scenarios where the provided option is insufficient, an exception process exists to request an alternative. Exception processes require the department to document their unmet need and justify a proposed exception. Exception requests must be reviewed and approved by the department head, area vice chancellor, and the CIO. If the exception is to request a new purchase, the exception must also be approved by the Division of Administration and Finance. An exception will come out of a standard Computer Request, so please make whichever selection above seems to best fit your need, and discuss any alternate needs in the course of your consultation.

If your computer has usability problems, there are often many ways that a trained technician can greatly improve your experience in using it. Get in touch with us, describe the problem, and we'll do whatever we can to resolve your issues. Report difficulties with your computer to the IT Service Desk