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New Major, Minor, or Program

Proposal for New Major

Proposals for a New Major have a preliminary and final application. Please contact the Provost’s Office.

For general guidelines on major requirements,  please see here.


Proposal for New Minor

Prior to drafting a formal proposal, the Department Chair should notify the Dean, who will notify the Provost and take the proposal to the Deans’ Council. The Deans’ Council will discuss the offering under consideration to identify opportunities for cross-unit collaborations and to avert program redundancies. After the program has been discussed by the Deans’ Council, the Program Director or Department Chair may develop a formal proposal.

Documents Needed for Formal Proposal:

1) Academic Program Change Form

2) Rationale for the Proposal

            a) Justification for New Minor

           -What is the rationale for labeling this collection of courses a “minor”?

           -How would this minor benefit students?

           -How does this proposed program compare with similar programs at peer institutions?

           -What are the benefits of this minor for faculty and for the university?       

            b) Resources

            -Is there sufficient faculty expertise to cover this coursework?

            -What additional resources are required for this program?

            -Is there evidence of a student demand for this program?

           c) Administration

            -How will this new minor handle advising?

            -How will the proposed new minor be governed? Who will direct the program?

3) List of requirements. Please see guidelines for requirements here.

4) Effective date of change (semester in which the minor will be available)

[The MHSP does not review One Forms.]


Proposals should be submitted by Department Chairs to


Submitted documents will be sent to the Chair(s) of the MHSP who will review them and contact the department chair regarding any necessary additions or changes.  Revised documents should be sent to the MHSP Chair(s) who will then bring the proposal to next meeting of the committee for consideration.  The MHSP may approve, approve with provisions/changes or table the proposal pending resubmission of revised documents.  Approved proposals move forward to the Executive Committee of the CLA Senate and then to the next Senate meeting.  Proposals approved by the CLA Senate go to the CLA Dean for his approval and then on to the Provost and Chancellor. The Board of Higher Education is also notified. For questions please contact Yumiko Inukai ( or Vivian Ciaramitaro (