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Existing Undergraduate Course Change Seeking GEN Ed Status ONLY

THERE IS A NEW PROCESS COMING over the summer of 2021, a software called Curriculog, which will handle these governance matters Univeristy-wide. Please get in touch with Louise Putnam for more information but feel free to take a look at the program via this link (it utilizes Single-Sign-On protocols, so enter your email and password).

In the fall of 2021, we will be using the Curriculog software, for all things previoulsy handled by both the OneFrom (course matters which were directed to the CLA Academic Affairs Committee) and the Program Change Form (program matters which are directed to the CLA Senate Majors, Honors, Individual Majors, and Special Programs Committee).

More information will follow along with training and support from the CLA Dean's Office. In the interim, please feel free to contact Louise, who will be happy to field your questions and comments.

Documents Needed:

1) Completed One Form (see instructions)
2) Scanned One Form signature sheet, signed by department chair
3) Syllabus
            a. You may use the syllabus template link to create a syllabus

            b. You may submit an existing syllabus for the course provided that: It reflects the course as changed, i.e. the content and approach are in accord with the proposed changes and it contains all of the required elements (see template).

4) Whatever supplementary information is required for the GenEd status sought

            a. Distribution
            b. Diversity
            c. First Year Seminar
            d. Intermediate Seminar
            e. Quantitative Reasoning
            f. Capstone


Submit all of the above documents to; please write “Course Change GenEd” in subject field


Submitted documents will be sent to the chair of the GenEd Committee, who will review them and contact the proposer and the department chair regarding any necessary additions or changes. When the proposal has met the requirements set by the GenEd Committee it will be presented to the Faculty Council for its approval.