UMass Boston

Study Spaces

Quiet Study (6th Floor)

The sixth floor is the only designated quiet area in the library building. This floor also includes a designated space for attending Zoom classes/sessions. Please refrain from group study, turn off your cell phone, and use earphones when using any electronic devices. Please report any noise complaints to the Circulation Desk at 617.287.5900.

Group Study (8th Floor)

Group study is encouraged on the eighth floor. There are ten study carrels of various sizes that can accommodate groups of two to eight people.

Other Places of Interest

  • Several couches and tables on the second and third floors overlook the harbor.
  • There are computers behind the Healey Library Cafe on the second floor.
  • The fourth floor has several long tables with overhead lamps.
  • The fifth floor has a large study table near the University Archives gallery displays.

Healey Library

100 Morrissey Blvd.
Boston, MA 02125 US