Office of Urban and Off-Campus Support Services (U-ACCESS)

U-ACCESS is your Single Stop for many services.

The Office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs has seen the various non-academic challenges our students encounter on a daily basis, which has led to the establishment of the Office of Urban and Off-Campus Support Services, otherwise known as U-ACCESS.

The ultimate goal of U-ACCESS is to support students so that they can achieve academic success without being derailed by complex non-academic issues in their lives. In partnership with Single Stop, U-ACCESS offers a number of services in one place at one time. Hopefully, with such support, these students will successfully complete their degrees at UMass Boston, stop the cycle of poverty and educational attrition, and improve their life choices and opportunities. 

U-ACCESS supports students who are experiencing: 

U-ACCESS offers students: 

Info graphic adapted from a James Sprunt Community College visual

Giving to UMass Boston

Support UMass Boston students who suffer financial and personal hardship, including poverty and homelessness through a gift to the U-ACCESS Program.