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Commercial Ventures & Intellectual Property

Commercial Ventures & Intellectual Property

UMass Boston Commercial Ventures and Intellectual Property (CVIP) evaluates, protects and commercializes inventions and discoveries created by faculty, staff and students. We also handle questions about copyright, material transfer, and confidential disclosure agreements.

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs and the Venture Development Center, units of the Office of the Vice Provost for Research, provide CVIP services.

Questions about intellectual property policies, working with industry partners or material transfer and confidential disclosure agreements should be directed to Office of Research and Sponsored Programs Director Matthew Meyer at

Questions about research results that may have commercial potential and all invention disclosures should be submitted to David Glass, UMass Boston Technology Transfer Consultant, by emailing the invention disclosure form to

In no case should outside entities be informed of an invention prior to notifying CVIP. Premature public disclosure may prevent the ability to obtain a patent and generate a source of revenue for you and your laboratory. Your invention can be protected with a Confidential Disclosure Agreement between the University and the off-campus institution.

If CVIP recommends that the University file for a patent, the Invention Disclosure is sent to our patent counsel who prepares the patent application. Some of your time is required during the preparation stage of the patent application, but you can minimize this if you have a manuscript available.

CVIP devises licensing strategies including financial goals for the University, and creates a profile of strong potential licensees including those industry contacts recommended by investigators. We then contact one or more appropriate for-profit companies to determine their interest and ability to commercialize the technology. Your assistance is very valuable during this effort, and we keep you informed of all developments. CVIP has primary responsibility to draft agreements, conduct negotiations and execute final agreements.