UMass Boston

PI Toolkit

The PI toolkit serves as a central location for research staff to access links to important information and instruction related to the facilitation and administration of sponsored projects. 

Proposal and Budget Development

Institutional Fact Sheet

Step-by-Step Proposal Routing

Proposal Checklist

Fringe Rate Matrix FY24

F&A Cost Agreement FY18-FY23

Facilities and Administration (F&A) Rate Policy for grant and contract proposals to external sponsors

Travel and Reimbursement Rates

International Travel Checklist

Sponsored Student Payment & Policy Procedures

No Cost Extension Guidelines

Rebudgeting Policy & Procedures for Sponsored Programs

SF424 Instructions

SF424 Coversheet

NSF Biosketch 2 page guidance

NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy

NSF Data Management Plan

NSF Budget Justification Guidelines

Statement of Work (SOW) Template

Statement of Work (SOW) Guidelines


Annual Financial Reports and Audits

UMass Boston Demographic Data

Organizational Chart

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Minority Serving Institution

UMass Financial Statement

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Granting Authority/Signatory Document – UMass Board of Trustees

Title III Eligibility Letter – 2024


Background Checks for Benefited Employees Policy

Graduate Assistant (GA) Hiring Procedures

OMB Uniform Guidance

What PIs Need to Know: Proposal Preparation Guidance

OMB Policy Statement

2 CFR 200, Uniform Guidance

OMB Administrative Requirements Comparison Chart

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OMB Definitions Comparison Chart

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Protocol for Campus Audits and Sponsored Program Reviews

NIH Uniform Guidance Implementation

NSF Uniform Guidance Implementation

NCURA: Uniform Guidance webcast (videos)

Subrecipient Monitoring

Subrecipient Invoice Review Checklist

Subrecipient Monitoring Procedure

Subrecipient FFATA Roles and Responsibilities

Subrecipient vs Contractor Classification Guidance Document

Creating a requisition for a Subaward

IRS Documentation

IRS Determination Letter

UMass Boston Tax Status Description

Certificate of Good Standing


UMass Boston Tax Status Description

State and Federal Laws

University of Massachusetts, Gen. Law 75

Protection of Personal Information

NIH Requirements

University of Massachusetts Foundation

UMass Foundation Website

The About section of the University of Massachusetts Foundation website includes links to UMF Board of Directors, Reports, and the UMF IRS Determination Letter.